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Tamboo Tavern Articles 2011

Condé Nast Traveler 29 Watering Holes in 11 Islands: "Set out early with your snorkel gear or join a pick-up game of volleyball to justify the heart fare- baby back ribs, grilled mahi mahi- at this Rincon standby. Besides a dusting of celebrities (Kate Moss and Benicio Del Toro have stopped by), Tamboo attracts an array of user-friendly locals and surfers, who come for the house band and stay for the house specialty, an award-winning mojito, the wildly popular Caribbean cocktail, made with local mint."

Esquire Magazine The Best Beach Bars in America: "Tamboo Tavern is not a beach bar but a bar on a beach. It juts way out into the sand in the middle of a sleepy alcove of shoreline near Rincón. Midmorning, the people who know about it trickle onto the beach and towel-mark their territory, starting closest to Tamboo's stilts and spreading outward. Proximity is key, because the days are metronomed by trips back and forth to the bar for to-go-friendly piña coladas. The human-to-surfboard ratio is about three to one. The afternoon showers come in like clockwork and everybody takes cover on Tamboo's deck. That's when the day gets its second wind. The Postal Service album is playing. There's a black-and-white Cary Grant movie on in the corner. The band sets up for the night crowd while the sun turns more orange and truncated by the minute. And -- as if on cue -- the foggy spray of the humpback whales emerges on the horizon. And even with all of this -- the sunset and the whales and the smell of Sex Wax in the air -- Tamboo fends off every ounce of hackneyed Jimmy Buffettisms the way a beach bar couldn't possibly do."

CNN GO Best 50 Beach Bars in the World: "Imagine a bar where you spend lunch time bathing on the sands and drinking pina coladas, the afternoons watching old black and white movies in a cozy corner and the evenings listening to live Latino music while humpback whales break the ocean surface in front of the glowing sun. It's not a dream -- this place exists on the idyllic coastline of Puerto Rico. It's chilled out, but lively, it's popular but roomy. If you're planning a visit to the Caribbean, make sure you visit."

Travel + Leisure Magazine America's Best Beach Bars: Simply one of the most romantic, sultry beach bars imaginable. Owner Javier Quinones and his wife had their first date here in 1990. They now serve everyone from wedding guests in formal attire to sunburned yuppies in bathing suits. Sit on the beachfront deck with a drink and watch for whales, play footsie in the sand with your loved one, and welcome the evening with hot Latin rhythms. Signature Drink: Mojito: Bacardi rum with simple syrup, soda water, lime."

Orbitz on FacebookTop 5 Coolest Beach Bars: "Located in beautiful Rincon, Puerto Rico, Tamboo Beside the Point is the perfect beach bar for anyone looking to enjoy a laid back drink, or recover from an exciting adventure on the beach. Surrounded by miles of dazzling beaches, visitors can enjoy surfing, whale watching, snorkeling, diving, and windsurfing. The charming and laid back atmosphere of Tamboo is welcoming and soon to be your new Caribbean home away from home."

Frommer's: "This tavern and restaurant at Beside the Pointe Guesthouse on Sandy Beach is the favored hangout for the young and beautiful beach crowd and surfing enthusiasts from the island and across the planet. It's a great place to eat, offering good food and a beautiful setting, no matter who you are. Beachfront dining does not get realer than this. Tables are stretched along a deck running along the beach sands and palm trees. It's basic steaks, ribs, and lots of seafood, but it's well prepared and tastes extra great while you're breathing in the sea and the salt. The mahimahi in caper sauce and grilled Caribbean lobster are both recommended, and you might want to start out with a platter of Puerto Rican appetizers. Burgers, wraps, and salads are also available for lunch and dinner."

Lonely Planet: "Right on Sandy Beach, this guesthouse has a very popular restaurant, Tamboo Tavern, which attracts a fun crowd. Rooms are actually like small apartments, with cooking facilities and kitchenettes, but overall aren't quite as well cared for as the newer places. If you just want somewhere to rest your surfboard while you hit the beach bars, this could be the place. Expect plenty of background noise after hours… You don’t have to be a surfer to hang out at Tamboo, but it helps. This is actually the patio bar of the Beside the Pointe guesthouse, but it doubles up as a great place for burgers, relaxation and a congenial après-surf scene. You may not always get live music here, but the sound system is pretty good and the twilight beach panorama something to behold."

TripAdvisor Review: "We stayed for a weekend but ended up staying for one more night. The rooms are nothing fancy but waking up early in the morning and just walk literally like 10 steps to the beach is priceless. Not a lot of people during the day at the beach so we were able to truly relax, put a hammock up, and drink some Medalla (local beer). But during the night, the bar gets packed, the music is awesome, and the bartenders are super cool. Well I had a blast!!!!! The restaurant is pretty good as well. We had a mahi mahi ceviche with papaya sauce, steamed mussels with chorizo in a white wine sauce, some plaintains baskets with salmon mousse, and a skirt steak with cilantro butter with white rice and beans. Let me tell you, everything was cooked perfectly, my steak was medium rare that just melted in my mouth (very good considering the cut), the rice and beans just like any puerto rican grandma will make, the mussels were absolutely delicious (still get goose bumps thinking about them!). Picture you with your significant other, just eating, drinking some mojitos (they won Bacardi’s best mojito competition), while watching the sunset, its so romantic..." - Morenia20, Buffalo, NY. 

Bacardi Rum Best Mojito in Puerto Rico, 2010 & 2011.

Puerto Rico Tourism Company Quality Award.

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